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Diocese of LancasterDiocese of Lancaster

Synod Survey

What do you think of the Catholic Church?

We are preparing a survey which gives you the opportunity to have your say!

It will be available here on Wednesday, December 15, 2021. In the meantime here are some of the questions and statements that will be covered in the survey for you to think about:

  • I feel connected to the Church community.
  • Who are you on the journey with and what persons or groups are marginalised and why?
  • I feel that the Church community listens to me.
  • How might my local Church community listen better?
  • I feel able to speak my mind confidently to other Church members.
  • How can everybody be encouraged to communicate properly what is important to them?
  • The Mass/Worship helps me in my Christian life.
  • How might the Mass and other ceremonies help me participate at a deeper level?
  • I want to be able to share my faith with others in my community.
  • How well do I get on with the priests and others?
  • I often have conversations with others who have differing beliefs.
  • How might we improve our conversations within our faith community and also outside of it?
  • I get on well with non-Catholic Christians.
  • How might we improve our relationships with our non-Catholic Christian brothers and sisters?
  • I have some responsibilities in my parish community.
  • How might we develop teamwork and a sense of co-responsibility in our local Church?
  • My local parish makes decisions after listening and prayer.
  • How might we improve the process of decision-making in our local Church, so that we truly listen and recognise that the Holy Spirit can speak through each one of us?
  • I am willing to listen to people even if they have different opinions to me.
  • What training, habits and awareness are necessary with the local Church if we are to become better at listening to one another and sharing our insights with one another?