Holy Family Blackpool

Mass and Confession times



Saturday Morning only

Sunday  11 am  followed by refreshments in the Hall

Monday to Saturday  10 am

Holiday of Obligation

10 am and 7 pm

Confessions  Friday and Saturday

10.30 to 11 am (check bulletin) and on request

Exposition and Benediction  Friday 10.30 to 11 am

Please consult the Weekly Bulletin for any alterations.

Contact the Priest for Mass intentions.

Sunday and Holy Day Mass  and other Services over the

next few weeks:


27th Sunday in Ordinary Time - 6th October

11 am Parish Mass

[There will be no longer 7 pm Saturday Vigil Mass]

28th Sunday in Ordinary Time - 13th October

11 am Parish Mass,

Usual Times for Confessions (Reconciliation) in church:

Friday and Saturday - 10.30 to 11 am (check bulletin for

any changes) and on request.

Light outside the Confessional:

White - Confession will soon be heard.

Green - Confessional free, please enter and shut the 


Red - Confessional in use, please wait outside

Confession is available through a grille.

A simple leaflet explaining the Sacrament of Confession is 

available. Please ask the Priest.